Until 19th of February, 2006. WED-SUN 12 - 5pm or by appointment.
With Edouard Lyons, Tony Margerrison, Renata Fernandez, Alisdair Peebles, Phil Biffin, Alice White, Mark Pearson, Alacran, Ishai Rimmer.

For this Second Run of Ruthless - Peckham, all artists happen to base their work in the figure as a starting point for their paintings, sculptures and photography.

Location: Copeland Industrial Park, Block B, 133 Passage Peckham Rye Lane, London SE15 (off Peckham Rye Station. Trains from London Bridge or Victoria, Buses 345, 37, 12, 36, 436 (map) Contact: Ruthless Peckham at M.07968-666-325, or


on SATURDAY 21st JANUARY, 2006 1 - 4pm

An introductory briefing and discussion about the threatening issue of Transport for London, which wants this space to become a tram terminus & maintenance depot - also about options to open up Peckham Rye Station - and improving the shopping erea Rye Lane & Peckham High Street.

Participating Artists (in alphabetically order):
  Al Acran   With my first digital camera I could only take 13 photos and ran home to download them, came back and then repeat this process many times over. But I liked the immediacy of the digital process. Nowadays I could take 400 photos in a day, and keep exploring the possibilities and incorporating the apparent misgivings of the camera.
  Phil Biffin   My work is an idiosyncratic examination of the British landscape.
  Renata Fernandez   Just challenge me, and I'll show you what I can do...! I will take upon any found object, photo, or material, and I'll show you what's the "Power of Transformation" about. I'll take it, bring it to levels of paroxysm, extract the juice of it, get to know the essence of its meaning. In the process I will adapt my skills, learn new ones, create formal problems...and fail... and keep you guessing. Don't you know? I have a certain capability of failing most gracefully…
  Edouard Lyons   I like to use my hands directly on the feel the material, the paint. At the moment I am revisiting my roots and, above all, I am trying to please myself with my work.
  Tony Margerrison   My studio i's in an industrial block, just off Rye Lane in Peckham. Through an alleyway, then another, then in one of those big industrial lifts up to the Fourth floor. Then there's the top floor divided into studios. I've a great view of the City on the horizon, and three train tracks right by my studio. Which I really like. Gives a sense of life and, at night, it's...well...not beautiful exactly...but I like it when they go past all it up.
  Mark Pearson   This is part of festivals' series.
  Alasdair Peebles   My pieces are made with paper, and the technique is quite labour intensive, a very slow proccess. The pieces are more installations than sculptures, and are design to stand in specific places.
  Ishai Rimmer   I base my work in photogrphas and don't try to disguise it, on the contrary, I quite rejoice in expressing in "paintingly" terms the flash burn, the shadows, the flatness of the background...
  Alice White   I seek to present the transitory, almost exotic feel of experiences and instances as they become blurred and augmented by memory.




Ruthless Peckham (1) October 2005 exhibition - COMPLETE LIST OF ARTWORK SHOWN

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