First Exhibition: Friday, Oct 14th until Sunday Oct 30th , 2005

There is ART BREAKIING in Peckham Rye amongst singing and dancing, all prying and praising, stone bashing and shooting. RUTHLESS PECKHAM is the first group initiative of artists sharing space in the edgy Copeland Industrial Park (off Peckham Rye Lane). Renata Fernandez and Richard Somerville took the initiative to go ahead with the group's idea. This collective is a showcase of new ideas, shown in all its diverse and eclectic spirit at The Alley, No 133 Passage Peckham Rye Lane, Southwark, South London.

Renata Fernandez, organiser
They work alongside Nigerian churches, mechanical garages, craftsmen, clothes and food factories. This is the first opportunity to see 14 artists in their own thriving community, where they have been for many years. Come and see now what is going on as this space will disappear: it's been considered by Transport for London as a new depot of the Cross River Tram. New paintings, video-art and sculptures occupy the third floor of Block B. For a limited run of three weeks starting Thursday 13th October (private view with DJ's and drinks) until Sunday 30th October, 2005.

Richard Somerville, organiser

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Ruthless Peckham is the group's initiative, co-presented by former Artbust Ltd

Location: Copeland Industrial Park,133 Passage Peckham Rye Lane, London SE15 3SN

Participating artists:

  Richard Somerville   "It grows in you"
  Renata Fernandez   "I want to be..."
  Kieron Dennis   "The General"
  Martin Church   "Perspectives can Work"
    Roselina Hung   "Paris Aims His Arrow To Kill Achilles"
  Rob Menzer   "a Prediction Of Form Using The First Six Numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence - 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13"
    Alasdair Peebles   "In Eclipse"
  Phil Biffin   "The Last Outpost"
    Katy Moran   "K.Chaos"
    Alice White   "How Dot The Little Crocodile"
    Masaki Yada   "Social Landscape cp.09"
    Neil Drabble   "Cock"
    Sungsu Yu   "Beatrice"

  Stephen Butler   "The American"

  Charlie Fox   "United Artist Will Never Be Defeated"

 Ruthless Peckham (1) October 2005 exhibition - COMPLETE LIST OF ARTWORK SHOWN
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Private View TOOK PLACE:
Thursday, Oct 13th in 2005

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