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London 17th November, 2009:

Parent company, London Inside Marketing Limited, today proudly announces its long-awaited launch of POPMUNDIAL RADIO!

New Music - alternative Classics! Bespoke World Music Classics! From Classic to Rock or Jazz, Pop and Folk! We This radio is full of undisclosed, undiscovered music treasures. Something old, something, new - something you know and something you don't! We show you the variety of music!
New Music - alternative Classics! Bespoke World Music Classics! From Classic to Rock or Jazz, Pop and Folk! We find a hook to grap your ear !

Gloria Carnevali, (former) Cultural Attaché of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (London): "How much more is needed to be done in order bring out the full iceberg under the tip! I have been impressed by Popmundial's incredibly ample knowledge of musical history, which gives the project the ability to bring together distant musical expressions into new and enriching contexts. Popmundial is also open minded and still very hungry for new knowledge.


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London 13th November, 2009:

1. Finally after months and years of preparations the Artbust sponsored Popmundial Radio is a step closer to go "live" and online soon. Today our 24/7 live streaming server went online in South California. But a radio signal is not to expected before a few weeks. Meanwhile we run tests.

2. Further the new layouts of the web sites of Artbust and Popmundial went "live". We hope they bring a complicated business structure much clearer across now.

3. Earlier this year after the backing Nat West bank canceled illegally Artbust's contracted overdraft London Inside Marketing Ltd. (www.loima.co.uk) took over the business.


London 7th October, 2008:

After a period of several months Artbust is returning to its art news concept. In collaboration with West One News London it is offering a fine tuned selection of interviews and features about the ongoing art scene. Reuters is the contributing source with its partner program Newsgator, which we joined for this purpose.

If you think, your event should be focused, too - please refrain from sending us further emails, rather fill out the script above, in order to place your event directly on your website.

The original news service had been launsched by West One News in 2005, later had been distributed by eMail as a newsletter. But as we asked for support from those who uses this service, we had been turnd down. IN consequence we had to cease the great service.

In a step-by-step solution we hope to bring you back this service, at least in a limited volume. If you are interested in funding it, please get in touch with us.

We hope to compile and rescue some wothwile reading news from the artword. It's the one stop-over website in order to gain full overview.

The Editor of ARTBUSTnews.com, a partnership of Artbust and WEST ONE NEWS (www.w1news.com)

London June 23rd, 2008:

Artbust proudly presents:



An musical feature broadcast production seeking funds for a full film treatment on BBC4, Arte, France 4, ORF 2, NHK and others.

This radio (online) show focusses on the reality of former East German communist rule music. It is about Music and Politics in the Former GDR (DDR). Originally a massively successful programme in Germany that brought in to the German radio station a million enquiries for further information. It looks at the music that was being produced and listened to under the noses of the communist regime. It contains original music and interviews with musicians and in particular features RENFT, Wolfgang Bierman, Udo Lindenberg and Harry Belafonte. Musicians who were sent into exile or captured. Painter Lusici (right seen) holds the GDR flag up. He would have ended up in prison for painting over this state symbol. But art found its ways and more than a East-German "Trabbi" (below, on display in the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin) remains in memory. Music used other methaphers. The GDR music developed an amazing language of its own.Today band's like Tokio Hotel are based on this legacy.

Radio show online @ Popmundial Radio (see also and check the streaming on demand site)

Video Teaser

London July 12th, 2007:

Gallery Primo Alonso in association with GXgallery proudly presents:

Run Rabbit, Run

An exhibition curated by RHFactor (the curatorial partnership between Renata Fernandez and Helene Kazan).

From Friday 7th - 30th September 2007
Private View Thursday 6th September 6.30 - 9.30 pm
Opening Times Thursday - Sunday 11am - 6pm or by appointment
Location Gallery Primo Alonso, 395/397 Hackney Rd., London E2 8PP


"Run Rabbit, Run" takes the work of nine London based international artists, whose work is juxtaposed in the gallery's space in order to explore our perceptions and expectations and create a dialogue. Painting, drawings, sculptures, video projection and installations will all be part of this show. Essentially creating a life size rabbit run that somehow deals with the extrapolation and elevation of the day to day, as well as the parroquial and the political.

As a viewer you will be challenged by a room with no ceiling, have to resist touching the guts of a charging soldier covered in velvet, of walking into a corner that is not a corner while questioning why a video projection can make you so self aware.

What started as a challenge to force the viewer to see and use the gallery's space differently, including outside the gallery, became a challenge to integrate work as diverse in techniques and subject matter, while trying to establish a coherent dialogue between the exhibition as a whole.

Participating Artists

Richard Cramp Paco del Valle Renata Fernandez
Helene Kazan Flor Kent  Harry Meadows Christina Mitrentse  Sharon Rankin  Max Viccardi

London July 7th, 2006
Drawing to commomorate the 1st anniversay of the 7/7London Bombing

Artbust presents a drawing commemorating the victims of the 7/7 London bombings in 2005.

I couldn't Kiss You Good Bye; I couldn't Tell I Love You. The London Bombings.
Charcoal, pastel and acrylic on paper. 94 x 154cm. July/August 2005
By London based artist Renata Fernandez.

Venezuelan born, London based, Renata Fernandez says about her unique painting and inspiration: "Like everyone working and living in London, I was incredibly moved by the pledge of the 7/7 victims. But what shocked me the most, was to see the ID photos and family snaps of the dead and unaccounted for, at times unflattering, but full of smiles and memories of happy times. The double page in a popular London paper displaying the photographs inspired the drawing, which was to become a very emotional one. The composition uses images from the victims' photographs, their faces. As I was drawing I couldn't stop thinking that none of these people had the opportunity to say or kiss goodbye to their beloved ones, to say they loved them, to cry out they didn't want to die yet."

Renata Fernandez used charcoal, pastel and acrylic on paper. The drawing was done in July/August 2005 under the immediate impact of the event. She incorporated phrases such as "I couldn't kiss you goodbye. I could tell you I love you. I didn't know I would die. I died too young", phrases the artist imagined the victims would have said or thought. 

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