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The Côte d' Opale - Pas de Calais is a wonderful background for the work of photographer Jacky Sgard. Photo Sgard is being inspired by the unique light in this Northern French region, the tricks the weather plays in the English Channel, its industrial monuments and hidden beauties.

Besides the stunning views and arty images of Photo Sgard, this site is to be a taster for the industry, for marketing agents, press and event documentation in order to employ this outstanding photographer. He will put and reflect your company or project/event in the right light. He is a professional with the eye for unusual effects, lights and ancles. He delivers with wit and a stunning perfection. His awardwinning photos illustrate also the local marketing and tourist brochures of the region around Boulonge sur Mer. All images on this site are strictly copyrighted. Reproduction expressively forbidden. But all photos are available in large prints. Please contact Photosgard !

Photo Sgard: It's all about quality ! (Artbust) 


Landscape - Industrial - Theatre/Music/Events

Photographer Jacky Sgard, Boulonge sur Mer

(Côte d' Opale - Pas de Calais)

*) all photos are available as print and for sale

Any reproduction of the photos, even in excerpts is strictly forbidden without prior consent of the artist !