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The following are the events, that Artbust, and its previous re-encarnations, has oganised or promoted/presented. Please feel free to join our mailing list. You will receive information about our next event.  
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Notions od Drawing (2). Production

Anual Competition, open to any in Britain based living artist (t.b.a.)


Launch of Popmundial Radio

Pop music from around the world. For more information please click on the logo on the left hand side.

Note: the 24/7 streaming server went online on Friday November 13th. Wish us luck!

Though it will take a few days and weeks until the full service will be available.

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MUSIC ACROSS BORDERS: Beat Rhythms and Rock the expression of freedom - but: Strictly Forbidden ! (in the former GDR [DDR]).

Radio Production.

About Music and Politics in the Former GDR (DDR). Originally a massively successful programme in Germany that brought in to the German radio station a million enquiries for further information. It looks at the music that was being produced and listened to under the noses of the communist regime. It contains interviews with musicians and in particular features Wolfgang Bierman, a musician who was sent into exile but who has now been given honorary citizenship of Berlin. This is somewhat ironic as Berlin is currently run by a coalition that includes the communist party (production for Popmundial and BBC).

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1st Brazilian Music Festival. Recording

Another "First" of the Brazilian Embass at the Bolivar Hall in London. Artbust recorded one concert with Che Hurtego and Chico Hamilton for documentation.



All those German Pop Hits. Production

An 8 part series looking at the hits in what is that largest music market in Europe. Programmes will feature artists such as Nena, who had the 1984 hit "99 Red Ballons" and bands such as Kraftwerk. Naturally English and American bands feature heavily, some of whom were Germanised! Presented by Nena. Produced by Artbust and West one News (in production for Popmundial and BBC).



"Run Rabbit Run" (2007) Promotion

September 6-30, 2007
Gallery Primo Alonso, Hackney Road, London E2

for further information and an invitation for the PV on Sept 6th



Virginia Ramirez - Espiral De Fuego. Recording

September 2007, Artbust recorded the first ever appearance of of the leading South American jazz pianist, Virginia Ramirez, at the Bolivar Hall in London in oder to produce a CD.

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World Premiere of Diego Silva's "AFRICA MIA". Recording

Recording of Corazon Africano - a celebration of African music by leading Venezuelan, Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians and composers. This included the World Premier of Venezuelean Diego Silva's "Africca Mia".

Starring London based Clara Rodgriguez


First ever Drawing Competition
Notion Of Drawing
Arts vs. Politics Production

in Peckham as part of of our Art vs. Politice ambition


Relive this critical acclaimed drawing competition. See a little movie





Arts vs. Politics Production





Arts vs. Politics

14 artists sharing space in the copeland Industrial Park in Peckham, London.


2003-2004 Art Exhibitions
Over a year of work, we developed a very close relationship with artist RENATA FERNANDEZ and organised for her also a series of very succesful events, which draw a lot of attention.

December 2004

Renata Fernandez

Open House in her Battersea Studio

  October 2004

Renata Fernandez, High Street Hunting - It's a Good Investment ! 

Tricycle Gallery, London

This unique retrospective brought together some basis of a unique body of work, that transcends the Latin American background. It explains with some key works the why and wherefores. As promised it created discussion from the first moment. Curator: J Bohne

September 2003

Renata Fernandez - Dead Monkey Studio 

Copeland Industrial Park, Peckham (Photos left column 15,17,18,19,20)

Dead Monkey Studio

.... because it smelled so much...

There was a butcher in the front, when you visited from Peckham Rye Station. The back was a wonderful artistic invironment. This is her second studio in London - the second warm up show. It turned out to be to increase the "Friends of"-circle, yet another event by invitation only, and another opportunity for friends to see old and "fresh" work, including the first works from London ! Curator: DLJ Bohne

June 2003

Renata Fernandez - Do Salsa But Do It Right ! 

New Cross Gate, London (Photo left column 16)

This marks the opening of the Renata's first studio in London. Renata Fernandez moved to London and promised herself to wait a maximum of three months to find a studio. New Cross Gate was the first one. This studio warm up show was on invitation only for friends across Europe that collect her art work. Each invitation had a "unique touch" by the artist. In a informal setting, work from different times and location were put together as a first "retrospective" attempt to show the complexity of interest a methods used by Fernandez in her creative process. Curator: DLJ Bohne


1998 - 99 Auctions/Art Exhibitions
Over a year of work, we developed a very close relationship with artist Lusici and organised for him a series of verz succesful auctions - exhibitions. Eigth events in total, in Berlin and Munich, saw us enjoying ourselves with live music.

  April 1999 Lusici - in Munich
  Artbuy Gallery in Schwabing Nord
  June 14 - 30, 1998 Lusici - on-line 98 - the on-line auction 
  Gallery Lusici - West Berlin and worldwide in the internet (re-cap/recall) 
  June 13, 1998 Lusici - Friends Invitation Only Auction 
    Gallery Lusici - West Berlin and worldwide in the internet (re-cap/recall) 
  April 8 - May 4, 1998 Lusici - Summer Auction (3rd Online Auction)
    Gallery Lusici - West Berlin and worldwide in the internet (re-cap/recall)
  March 21 - April 8, 1998 Lusici - Second Online Auction
    Gallery Lusici - West Berlin and worldwide in the internet (re-live)
  March 20 - April 13, 1998 Lusici - Online ! Online Auction, Launch Party and Exhibition
     Gallery Lusici - West Berlin and worldwide in the internet (re-live the memories)
  Feb 25 1998 Lusici's Birthday Party with Exhibition and Auction
    Gallery Lusici - West Berlin (re-live the memories and the lots)

1998 Auction/Art Exhibition

January RoMa at Ku'Damm Berlin

Gallery de Rocco

West Berlin (Artbusts first ever exhibition)

1996-1997 Promotion and Documentation: Arts vs. Politics

March-December Ernst-Reuter Platz Session Berlin
Ernst Reuter Platz Berlin. Germany

1986-97 Promotion and Production of Radio Broadcasting shows

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