For the Consumer,

    We will soon offer a section that develops "good taste". It will show you its measures and how to discover your own abilities, boundaries and possibilities. This will be more than telling you who Picasso was. We have researched in our usual "different" way, also have acquired some statements, which will make you think about "Art" differently. (t.b.a.) Meanwhile please take the offer of presented artists as inspiration.
  • Contact us, if you wish us to consult you purely on some art issues. We also can arrange to attend exhibitions etc. with you or attend an auction or art fair.
    For companies, offices and individuals, who wish to show art in the office please see
    Corporate Art .
    Our artists and Artbust's ambitious projects, i.e. Popmundial and the events, require funding all the time. Sadly this enterprise is totally private, which helps to keep it independent. If you feel to be able to "spare a dime", please get in touch with us, transfer money via our Artbust palpay account (directly) or visit our online shop, which is linked to palpay (go for option "sponsorship" and select). We thank you, for considering to sponsor us.
    We apologise for the endless delays and alterations of this tool. It started as an "art mailing" list and got bigger and bigger. Sadly we have lost one of our compiling writers. Now we have launched the news service in collaboration with the news agency Reuters. The "box" with 5 most recent news releases sticks right on "page one" of this site. We are still not happy and work to improve the compilation, as "Fine Art" news seem to be under-represented. Additionally we launched Artbust News on "Youtube", which is our new video channel (under construction) , which promotes selected artists or events.

For Artists (Fine Artists and Musicians, Composers, Lyricists and Promoters),

    We offer assistance in dealing with or inviting the press. A press rep job. It can be mailing or the whole package incl. designing of invitations and press releases. (It is, as everything offered here, part of our background and experience).
  • PA
    Under certain circumstances we will sign a PA deal. It is about consulting again and guiding you to take the right decisions as an artist.
    Internet is pure marketing. Alone under this aspect it becomes important to develop the right strategies. Introducing an established product or individual (brand) to a new market or branding a mostly unknown in a new media. Well, this is what we also have done most. With our "Music and Art" events and auctions with Berlin based artist Lusici, we made this artist certainly a bit more popular than he was before.
    Based on our experience we offer designs for the web or purely for advertising purposes, flyers etc.
    In partnership with Easily Ltd. London we can offer competitive rates and a professional service. Our web hosting service is again based on consulting and hopefully will enable you to run the whole show for yourself one day.
    Another series born and recognised out of the necessity to consult and give guidance in the overwhelming jungle of internet, "do it yourself" - offers, free offers and expensive ones. We very often came across the fact that people don't know or understand the complexity of the World Wide Web.
    All our offers, do have the advantage, that we are writing on a journalistic background. We are journalists and can "sell"! We also are able to understand the demands of our colleagues. So if you want to place a good press release, don't think twice!
    In a joint venture with "West one News" we have formed a promotion and production unit. Of course there is web design, but there is more to it in a whole: videos, audios and the whole editing and presentation process. Away from solemnly internet purposes, we also are able to record, produce and edit videos and produce radio broadcasting clips and shows, including the whole post editing and mastering process.

    Contact Us).


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