by Jaytrotic, 1997, 200 by 200 cm
acrylic on canvas

starting bid: no lower than £ 10,ooo (Ten Thousand Pound Sterling).

Medusa was the first ever painting by the Berlin artist J.A. He later changed his artistic name to Jayrotic.

Born Joerg Arnold 1956 in Berlin, he told me back in 1995: "Ich sehe mich nicht als Künstler, weil ich täglich Kunst produziere." (I am not considering myself to be an artist - because I am able to produce artwork every day). Is he right ? Arguable, if this is art or not - anyway it is entertaining and certainly for some people the right spice for their living space.

Jayrotic takes it name from the obvious main theme of his paintings.

So far he only had the opportunity to show his work in group shows back in Berlin. But he is looking forward to show his work in London - in near future (venue t.b.a.).


Born March 15, 1956 in Berlin (Germany).



"Rubberskin Body




"St.Andrews' Way"




Erotic series acrylic on canvas



Stage setting for theatre and film




Light Images (Light-Echo-Mirror Sculptures)
Facade painting, Mirror Sculptures and paintings in nightclubs





Paintings, various techniques and subjects (also commercial design and advertising on house walls)



1997   Artbuy Gallery @ Gallery de Rocco  


Berlin Kurfürstendamm

KuDamm Karree
Kurfürstendamm 223

Erotic Group Show with RoMa

2001/2   „Berlin Faces“   Berlin and Graz
Group Show
2002   „DOKUMENTA“ Trade Fair   Kassel
Group Show & Performance
2003   Artbuy Gallery - Erotic Collection & Auction   London (t.b.a.)

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