"Forgive, I didn't shave…" is probably the conclusion of the "Walk on the Park" series that Fernandez started back in 2002. They are all based on photos purely taken from any press publication. Here, the canvas, uneven in its contour and very complex in its execution, hangs loose from a timber structure. This work is a full circle to prior works as an art student (see i.e. the big formatted "Sought-After Mural"). This wonderful piece of work was especially tailor-made for Tricycle Gallery and for this exhibition.

On the same wall we have "I Just love Your Beautiful…". This again is an early work based on press photos. Many people in London may recall the facts and recognise the issue behind the painting as the case of "Damilola Taylor", the bright Nigerian boy, who was tragically killed in Peckham. Fernandez recalls of being very touched by this tragedy, the end of a promising life, a bouncing boy vanishing forever. It is a very emotional painting not only for Fernandez but for many people that have seen it.

"What Dreams…" is again based on press photos, but is one of the first paintings of the sports series (Sports Paintings), which are continue on the exit wall to the cinema with works #1 and #2 and the following wall with work #6.