Georgij Koventschouk (*1933 St.Petersburg)

Russian artist Gaga (top picture: right, side by side with Berlin artist colleague and friend, painter Lusici - left).

Gaga is Georgij Koventschouk (born 1933). He graduated in 1960 at the Academy of Art in St. Petersburg. Today he is the head lecturer in the MA of this academy. After the Russian "perestroika" he promised that Berlin, one of the former centres of expressionism, would be the first western city to present his paintings. He opened an exhibition of his work in 1996. But London, Paris and Stockholm were faster organising events for him in the western world.

The Gaga collection shows a variety of styles. For this web site only selected recent work is available.

He focuses on everyday situations from Russia (below) and Berlin with local colour contents (right column).



painting by Gaga, 1998 study of musicians at the Berlin-Steglitz subway station.

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