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Site-specific Light Instalation, Wimblendon School of Art. 2002

Für Das Kind (For the Children), Liverpool Street Station, London.
Homage to the Children that arrived mainly from Nazi Germany to the save-heaven of London just before the Second World War. 2003
The Glass cabinet which resembles a giant suitcase, contains real objects and mementos that belonged to the rescued children.





Flor Kent was born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, in 1961. She lives and works in London.

Kent first interest in sculpture dates back to her childhood when her mother took her for extra curricular classes. But Kent the sculptor had to wait a few years to come out: she first gained her first university education as Bachelor of Sciences and later a Degree as Doctor in Dental Surgery in Caracas and Chicago. She travelled the world and earned her living as a very successful dental surgeon. Kent always found time to continue developing her art. While living in Bahrein she organised and exhibited continuously. Timber and clay was then her choice of material.

Once she moved to London, she gained her BA in Arts, and later a MA in Arts for Site-Specific Sculpture in Wimbledon School of Art. With her public art project "Für Das Kind" signalled the conclusion of her studies. Her piece, located in Liverpool Street Station, installed in association with the Museum of London and the Imperial War Museum and supported by the Jewish Community, is an homage to the children saved from Nazi Germany that made the faithful journey from Berlin to London, arriving at the save - heaven of Liverpool Street Station. The piece, comprising a glass cabinet that resembles a giant suitcase, contains real objects belonging to the some of the rescued children. The bronze figure, is actually a life cast, aged 8 and dressed with contemporary clothes, of the grandchild of one the rescued girls.

Public Art in:

2006 Memorias del Valnegral, Madrid, ARCO, with Renata Fernandez (proposal)
2003 Für Das Kind, Liverpool Street Station, London
2002 Nativity, Matterhorn Glacier, Zermatt (Switzerland)
2001 Memories of a Seagull, Tout Quarry, Portland (UK)
2000 Iris After the Flood, Cannizaro Park, London

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