Established in 1995 as, based on 30 years of experience in Music and the Arts.

Artbust is an Artists' management, events, production and promotion organisation. We are a team of art enthusiasts, journalists, producers and artists and have the means to promote the art we believe in by establishing press and marketing strategies.

We want ART to HAPPEN, to be POPULAR and accessible for all. We also work to help people understand and generally appreciate art.

Artbust stands for Art in unique settings. We are always happy to take on a commission to devise an exhibition and either select the exhibitors or work on this with our stakeholders. We like to take upon the challenge of taking art to unconventional spaces, hoping for interaction between art and the urban environment. Whilst art needs to be promoted, with our past events, we came to realise that this kind of action provokes the interest of local residents and businesses, thus leaving a positive imprint on those communities.

We want to showcase art and make it accessible. On this site we will be promoting our events and showcasing artists' work, some of whom have already collaborated in our previous events. We are at the moment re-launching these galleries (ARTIST A-Z and New Faces).

We want to showcase art and make it accessible. On this site we will be promoting our events and showcasing artists' work, some of whom have already collaborated in our previous events. We are at the moment re-launching these galleries (ARTIST A-Z and New Faces).

ARTBUST started out as a hobby when back in 1996 friends asked for advise as a famous fountain in Berlin was badly maintained by the public authorities. We supported a team of local artists, who used to the tiles to produce great artwork. From the sales of this artwork the refurbishment of the fountain was funded. This give birth to the idea of having an on-line arts shop - Artbuy This event also marks the first Art vs. Politics event organised by the future Artbust.

Artbust also produced one of the first Internet auctions ever . This was raising funds for the the former East German disident painter Lusici. A series of events were organised to save him from eviction from his Charlottenburg mansion and art studio We had about 1000 bidders from around the world, while the auction had been integrated in an inhouse event. The show was stunning success.

As an example of recent events that we have organised please go to: "Notions of Drawing" which a great success, we are now working on how to turn this into an annual prize. As an example of us using a unique space, and working with the local community, please go to: RUTHLESS PECKHAM. As an example of us using Arts vs. Politics please go to The Peckham TFL Tram Depot Issue

In short Artbust is about making Art popularly and helping artists. To further our promotion of the art we are working on an ambitious long term project to create an art and music radio station- more information on this please go to Social network projects make it possible to gather that much attention that in late 2009 finally first streaming test took place. Artbust/Popmundial now is run by London Inside Marketing Ltd.

ARTBUST - in brief

  Job placing experience in IT business at Siemens Coporation in Germany (1975-82) as base for online interests  
  Radio Production: "Ton Ab!", music specialities between classical music and rock 'n roll" (a weekly 2 hour Saturday evening prime time arts programme presenting cross over musical styles and interviews from all the Performing Arts) (1985-1990)   
  Web design, Artdesign and Multimedia/Advertising agent for several selcted projects (1990-1995) under the name, later integrated in Artbust.  
  Marketing and Diribution Director of "Metropolis", the first English language Berlin monthly periodica (1994-95)  
  Head of Press for Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Turkey in West-Berlin (1995)  
  Established since 1995 as succeeded by  
  Music/Artist promotion for quality pop music and niche markets (later known as Producer/writer/presenter in Showbusiness/Entertainment for RIAS BERLIN (see reference list at  
  First Art vs. Politics event: The Berlin/Ernst Reuter Platz drama (1996), incl. Udo Lindenberg (Music & Art)  
  First Art Exhibition in Berlin at Boulevard Kurfuerstendamm (1998)  
  Produced one of the first internet auctions ever (1998)  
  Launch of our first online artist's site for former East German (1998)  
  Online presentations for Herb Alpert (Music & Art) or composer/bandleader James Last to follow (1998)  
  Music & Art events in Berlin, Munich, Vienna and the UK  
  Written and produced "40 years of GDR Pop Music in 40 minutes" (RIAS Berlin)  
  Launch assistance to "Euroshowtime", later to become Popmundial.  
  Art vs. Politics event: Ruthless Peckham (2005)  
  Business Partnership with West One News recording in theatre and such events as the World Premiere of "Africa Mia" at the "Corazon Africano" event at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in London in April 2006.  
  Critical acclaimed exhibition in London: NOTIONS OF DRAWING (2006)  
  Take over of an online shop in order to raise funds for Artbust projects, including the "Save The Music Appeal: Popmundial ! (2007)"  
  DDR music feature and trailer production for future Popmundial Radio, further alterations in Artbust, separating Artbustmedia off Arbustmusic (2008) integrated as Artbustnews (2008), tweets at TWITTER and contracts with Reuters News and Variety, Marketing contracts with HMV Records and iTunes a.o. (2008)    
  London Inside Marketing Ltd takes over Artbust and Popmundial Ltd. (2009)  

  Popmundial Radio launches with first radio streaming tests (2009)    

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